Pouzols is situated in the heart of the Minervois wine region, in the Languedoc. 20 km from Narbonne, 35km from Beziers.

The 360 inhabitants village is built on a rocky outcrop.Pouzols is ideally located, in a wine making valley,  with North the Montagne Noire, the southernmost area of the Massif Central, South Spain and the Pyrenees, and West the Mediterranean.

Pouzols´s name comes from the word  "potz" in Occitan, and means `small well`. The area has been inhabited since immemorial time (my father, a wine grower, once found a III AC Visigoth burial place while ploughing!). The first mention of the village appears in 1157, it was then called “Villa Sanctus Saturninus de Pouzols” after the village church.  The Saint Saturnin roman church is situated on the outskirts of the village and is stunning by its beauty and simplicity.  The village´s (and the area´s ) agriculture has long been based  on olives, wheat, barley, grapes, and cattle. From the XVIII on, vine growing gradually became the main activity in Pouzols. The Cave Coopérative makes quality wine and is the pride of the village. (Its shop is open 7/7). 

The village offers great opportunities for outdoor activities (walks, mountain bike trails, a tennis court). There is a pizzeria/take away down by the road (which you have to try out, very yummy pizzas)  and bread is sold, every morning, in the ´rue de la république´. Other goods you can buy from one of the vans that are visiting the village several times a week (that´s what the ´Allo, Allo´ is for). There is also a small market every Saturday morning down by the road. Mostly seefood, goatcheese, fruits and vegetables.
















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